About Me

I have loved drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. My other love has always been animals, particularly horses.

As a child my one wish was to own a pony. I had a succession of rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters, along with family cats and dogs, and I learned to ride when I was 9. At the age of 14 I finally owned my own pony.  

My favourite subject at school was Art.  My school books were filled with drawings of horses, (which didn’t really impress my  teachers very much!)  I lived and breathed horses and animals, and when I wasn’t around them I would be drawing them. I took O level and A Level Art, but instead of going on to Art College, I went to work in a Building Society. The Art still took on a role there, as I quite often ended up drawing the pets of other staff members. I would also draw and paint horse or pet portraits for friends .

I could never really settle to office work, so In 1982 I left, and with the aid of my father, bought and started a Riding School.  At the same time I was still drawing and painting animals. Sadly the Riding School didn’t really work out and was sold. I didn’t want to return to office work so I took a gamble, and in 1985 I started to paint Animal Portraits as a business with the help of the Enterprise Allowance Scheme. Many years, many portraits, and a lot of life experiences later, I am  now in the very privileged position of still continuing the work that I love, and still being surrounded by my horses and animals.

I live in a village on the South Downs in West Sussex. I have two beautiful grown up daughters, and a small grandson, of whom I am extremely proud. I am very lucky to own a smallholding in a nearby village, where I keep my own four horses and ponies, along with a number of chickens. At home there are two cats,  and one small dog, who accompanies me everywhere.

I  feel that there is always more to learn as an Artist (even at my age!) and I continue to try new techniques and learn and develop my Artwork. As well as commissioned portraits I have started to work on my own  inspirations and ideas, and to develop unique animal based paintings and drawings. I am very interested in wildlife, so when I am not working on commissions, I have begun to produce wildlife studies as well. I have attended workshops to learn new techniques, and I am a friend of the Society of Equestrian Artists.

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